This site was created by Alex, a 27-year-old male-to-female (MTF) trans girl living in Boston, Massachusetts.

She/Her/Hers is the phrase that a trans woman finds herself constantly repeating to family, friends and strangers who are trying to understand how to refer to her. The pronouns can feel foreign and intimidating, even to the person undergoing the transition herself.

This space was created to lower the barriers to exploring the transition process. It’s a safe space where you won’t stumble upon a neo-vagina in the making on the operating table until you decide it’s time.

Basically, this site was made as the antidote to a blind Google search.

It also serves an important service to the author. It’s a forum where she will chronicle her transition, starting with coming out and following along the process of taking hormones, undergoing surgery, and every other experience that comes up in the process.

If you don’t see yourself in some or all of these entries, it’s not because you don’t fit into the community.

Trans people are like any other group–they are intersectional and subject to influences of race, class, religion and a host of other identities that play into our society.

This blog is influenced by the author’s life experience, which is admittedly white, upper class and colored by Unitarian Universalist beliefs by way of a brief  Catholic upbringing.

Understanding the privilege that the author’s point of view is influenced by, this site will include outside points of view that offer the perspectives of the broader trans community.